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Sustainability at Customer Contact Expo

At UBM EMEA we achieve sustainable commercial success through thoughtful market focus and superior results for our customers. Being a sustainable business is central to how we run our events, how we make decisions and how we do business every day.

Our continuing evolution is fuelled by insight, innovation, and collaboration. We are proud of our commitment to having a positive environmental and social impact on both the communities and industries we work within.

We are committed to achieving a sustainable events’ industry, and will continue to be at the forefront of driving change.

Please see our sustainability policy for more details.  


Sustainability tips for visitors 

1. As a visitor your biggest environmental impact is from travelling to the event. Pick public transport such as trains over planes or taxis.

2. At the show be aware of what waste you are generating and reduce it as much as you can, ensure you use the recycling facilities provided.

3. Ask exhibiting companies about the sustainability credentials of the business and their products.

4. Check out our event charity partner - Media Trust, how could you support them?

                             Carbon Mitigation    
Our aim:

is to reduce the carbon impact of our events by 11.4% by 2020. By doing this we reduce our contribution to climate change and its effects.

What we are doing:

Switching to LED lights for all of our shell scheme, reducing the energy use of each bulb by 80%.

Switching to recycled paper for all of our printing as this reduces its carbon impact by 28%. 

                             Stakeholder Engagement

Our aim:

is to engage everyone involved in our events with both what we are doing, and what they can do to increase the sustainability of our events.

What you can do:

Click here to find out what to consider while exhibiting, such as how to design your stand.

Click here to find out what to consider as a visitor.


Our aim:

is to look at the economic, environmental and social aspect of all of our purchases, to ensure the products and services we use help us achieve a sustainable event.

What we are doing:

Sustainability requirements are incorporated into all of our tenders and contracts.

We are switching to sustainable materials, such as our signage which is made out of renewable materials.

                             Material use

Our aim: 

is for everything to be either reused or recycled at the end of the show, therefore reducing both the amount of resources we use and the waste we create.

What we are doing:

All of our signage and carpet is recycled.

We carefully design our feature areas so that they create minimal waste. 

                             Community & charitable giving

Our aim:

is for all of our events to have an industry relevant charity partner, so that we support our community and ensure that our events have a positive legacy.

What we are doing:

Last year UBM EMEA supported over 50 different charities.

By supporting our charity partners with our business resources, skills, and by raising money, we donated over £623,000.

                             Health & safety

Our Aim:

Is to ensure the safety of all onsite through implementing best practice health and safety processes.

What we are doing:

Leading the invents industry in the implementation of health and safety.



Charity Partner - Media Trust

Media Trust


Customer Series Live (Customer Contact Expo, Technology for Marketing & eCommerce Expo) is proud to have Media Trust as it's Charity Partner.

Media Trust is a charity that helps other charities and communities to raise awareness of their causes by connecting them directly with the media industry.

Media Trust off expert-led marketing, communications and digital training courses and events for charities at discounted rates.

Visit the Media Trust website


  • If you want to engage with relevant customer businesses then CCExpo is the event for you!
    Cathy McAuley
    DXI, an 8x8 company
  • The customer contact expo was a unique and beneficial experience for us. We're looking forward to next year.
    Raphaelle March
    Behavioural Designer at Cowry Consulting
  • Proud to support Customer Contact Expo. Very valuable customer engagement and networking.
    Morgan Hallahan
    Global Contact Centre Business Development Manager at Cisco
  • Across just two days, we can make new contacts, than it would take us normally months to make
    Richard Craven
    Solution Sales Manager at Kodak Alaris

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