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2016 Keynotes

Our 2016 Keynotes are where the leaders in customer experience comes together to celebrate the advancement of technology and be inspired by industry experts. Sessions marked with a star take place in the Keynote Arena whilst sessions marked with a light bulb will run within the Customer Contact Expo conference programme.

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  1. How to accelerate productivity with a digital workplace
    Keynote Arena
    We are facing a labour quandary. As the population expands and customer service delivery grows as a core differentiator, we need to find new, innovative ways to meet rising customer expectations. In the age of digital innovation, digital labour is placing customer service practitioners in the driver’s seat for transforming corporate productivity and introducing a sustainable change in cost and quality of both back and front office operations. Learn how and where Digital labour is already solving the labour quandary as we demo Amelia, your first digital employee that acts like a human.
  1. What truly drives omni-channel success?
    Keynote Arena
    Omni-channel capabilities are among retail executives' top strategic priorities and investments. They are one of the few initiatives that bring the opportunity to improve both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency to drive bottom-line results. But how are retail organizations currently measuring up? In this session the author of Forrester’s Retail Omni-channel Functionality Benchmark Michelle Beeson will take a look at the key factors on which omni-channel success hinge, and identify which retailers currently top the list and why.
  2. Why the future of commerce is messaging
    Keynote Arena
    Messaging is the world’s most prolific form of communication, with 80bn messages sent each day, but very few of these messages are between people and businesses. The opportunity for messaging as a platform has become the year’s most exciting trend.
  3. VR Moonshots
    Keynote Arena
    As the VR industry continues to build out in every direction, marketers have the opportunity to use the medium to engage with their customer base in a far more innovative and engaging way than ever before. Visualise is excited to share its own vision of the future of VR; the scale and nature of the experiences that people might have access to, and how that could affect brands seeking to remain relevant and integral as their customers choose to become immersed into virtual worlds with increasing depth and frequency.
  • If you want to engage with relevant customer businesses then CCExpo is the event for you!
    Cathy McAuley
    DXI, an 8x8 company
  • The customer contact expo was a unique and beneficial experience for us. We're looking forward to next year.
    Raphaelle March
    Behavioural Designer at Cowry Consulting
  • Proud to support Customer Contact Expo. Very valuable customer engagement and networking.
    Morgan Hallahan
    Global Contact Centre Business Development Manager at Cisco
  • Across just two days, we can make new contacts, than it would take us normally months to make
    Richard Craven
    Solution Sales Manager at Kodak Alaris

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